Scrie Ministrului Familiei din Finlanda
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Scrie Ministrului Familiei din Finlanda


Pentru a facilita transmiterea unui mesaj Ministrului Familiei din Finlanda regasiti mai jos un model care poate fi utilizat. La final, mentionati numele si prenumele dvs.

Mesajul se poate transmite la adresa de email:
Efortul tau conteaza!

Dear Mrs. KRISTA KIURU, Minister of family affairs and social services in Finland!


The case of the children JALASKOSKI (SMICALA) JOHAN MIHAIL and JALASKOSKI (SMICALA) MARIA ALEKSANDRA is emblematic and symbolic: two children with Romanian and Finnish citizenship, captive in the placement centers, without any rational argument.

Finland’s image is deeply affected internationally by such cases. In Romania, all the important television stations and the most famous newspapers publish information with the absurd treatment applied to children. Numerous national and international protests have taken place.

The children have reached the age where they can be heard by a judge in Finland to express their desire to be with their mother. Why aren’t they listened to? Why are they denied the most basic rights?

What is the „best interests of the child” in Finland in 2020? Is the torment by loneliness of human souls, in the name of a „scientific good” established by a city official in Tampere?

Please act in the case of the two children and thus prove that Finland is a country that respects the basic rights of the child!


Sincerely yours,

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